MGM Theater Trailer Will Push Bond DVD!!

Für alle, die des englischen mächtig sind, ein interessanter beitrag. leider weiß ich jedoch nicht genau ob das nur für die amerikanischen freunde oder auch für uns in europa gilt. die meisten filme die nämlich unten angeführt sind, kommen bei uns erst nach dem release der DAD-DVD raus... entweder man hängt den trailer bei uns vor andere filme an oder diese meldung gilt nur für die usa.

HOLLYWOOD - MGM is bringing "Die Another Day" back to theaters this May. Kind of.

Audiences who sit down to watch this summer's "2 Fast 2 Furious," "The Matrix Reloaded" and "X-Men 2" will see a new trailer for "Die Another Day," the most recent 007 outing that grossed $160 million in the United States.

But this time, the studio will be promoting the June 3 DVD release.

The 30-second trailer will be tailored to moviegoers at more than 900 theaters nationwide. MGM's deal for the unique promotion targeting other movies with similar demographic appeal was struck with Regal Cinemas nationwide and NCN, a company that provides pre-feature ads to multiple theaters in the top 14 markets, including the AMC and Pacific chains.

Other movies to which the trailer will be attached are "Daddy Daycare," "Bruce Almighty" and "The Italian Job."

The double-disc "Die Another Day" should easily become the top-selling 007 movie on the DVD format because that market has grown significantly since the last Bond movie, "The World Is Not Enough," was released three years ago.

But it will not have the kind of overall opening-weekend unit sales and revenue numbers of some of the biggest titles in recent months, such as "Spider-Man" and "Monsters, Inc.," as MGM continues to introduce the VHS versions of the 007 movies as rentals before repricing them to be purchased on videocassette months later.

Like all the 007 DVDs, "Die Another Day" will be loaded with seven hours of extras, including the first audio commentary by the actor playing Bond. Pierce Brosnan teams with co-star Rosamund Pike for his audio track, while director Lee Tamahori and producer Michael G. Wilson also will provide an audio commentary.

Bond ... James Bond

So ich warte dann bis zum 3 CD-Release in der Hoffnung das die Deleted Szenes drauf sind!

Ich denke das es nur in dem USA gilt da dort steht: 'nationwide'


Hab euch !